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Monday, February 12, 2007

BitmapData II.......................

Continuing from the previous post explaining about BitmapData class and using it to cache images, i am here again to share some more information about it. Okay till now we saw how we can use BitmapData to cache images but its not the only thing we can do with it but lots and lots. Remember the days of those and before flash player 7 where when a drawing application is developed the developer takes the pain of generating the color palette himself either by actionscripting or designing the color boxes in the "timeline" itself.

And also the end user is at the mercy of selecting only the colors whatever the program(developer) provides. If i say i dont like that red color then i assure to see that red color does not exist at all in my program and the user suffering from red syndrome. Always giving the choice of colors in flash that satisfies the user was never satisfying . Now no more is the case like that with the flash player 8.

Wondering how BitmapData is going to help us in this ????? Just wait and see. This BitmapData has a method called "getPixel" with the "x" and "y" Numbers as the arguments which specifies the location of the area whose color has to be picked. Yes whose COLOR (RGB) has to be picked. This method returns the color of the pixel specified at the x and y pixel. Also there is another method called getPixel32 which returns the ARGB values meaning RGB with Alpha.

Cool isn't it ?? So gone are the days of providing hard coded color palettes where now the user can even pick the color that lies by the side of his circle, oval or square shape that he has drawn in his drawing program.


Ashok Srinivasan.

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