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Monday, August 03, 2009

Busy Writing an Alternative Flash IDE.

So its been a long long time, since i had updated my blog. What to do, i was too busy doing nothing worthwhile all this while. The latest update at my end is that i have started writing an Alternative for the Flash IDE. I always felt that its high time people need to do something for an IDE on Linux, but realized i am also one among the people so it is my responsibility too to see that someone does something.

Coming to the subject, the Flash alternative IDE i am talking about is written using C++ and QT4 framework. Though i have knowledge about C++ and the syntax, but never had any working experience on the same. Initially felt a bit scary about apprehensions like will i able to complete it? or is it a reality that i am pursuing, but i made to myself that i will never have these thoughts and will start on my dream. C# was my initial choice to write this open source IDE, cheating myself that i can make this work on Linux using Mono. But later on things were proved to be wrong, as i got stuck with the flood fill algorithm. Then faced myself with the truth and decided that though C++ might look primitive after working on Actionscript, but still it is the powerful element that has the ability to create (I consider this as "Brahma"). C# was wonderful for me to work with because of its language structure which i felt comfortable after having worked in complete oops elements like Actionscript and Java. But at later stages had some trouble and finally had to take digest the fact and fear of working in C++. But the results were really fruitful. I (have / am) (learnt / learning) a lot of C++ working on this project.

The current number to denote the progress of work that has happened would look something like (15 / 100). Though a lot of time has been invested to achieve this minimal value, I would say from what has been observed is that the speed is getting picked up on an exponential fashion. Nowadays i have started investing more time on it. One good reason for the increased time being spent on this is solely due to the IDE i am using to create this application. As i said in the beginning about my intention of having an Open Source Flash IDE for Open Source platforms like Linux, this application is now being developed using KDevelop on Linux GNOME environment. The story behind using Linux to develop this OS Flash IDE using Linux has only one reason, which is my Windows Desktop recently crashed and the hard disk got filled with Viruses. I felt sick trying to repair this and decided i will go for Linux and installed it.

This is the story so far and will soon come back with screenshots to update the progress.

Meanwhile anybody out there interested in the development of this project, please get in touch with me at or leave a comment in this blog with your mail id and i will get in touch with you.


Ashok Srinivasan.

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